Skilled Workers

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program seeks Skilled Workers who wish to settle in the province and who are qualified to fill critical skills shortages. Individuals in most skilled occupations can qualify, provided that a Nova Scotia employer offers standard wages and working conditions for that occupational field. Also, the employer must have exhausted all other means of finding workers.

Do you meet the following criteria for becoming a Skilled Worker through the NSNP?

  • A guaranteed job offer from a Nova Scotia employer
  • The desire for permanent, full-time employment
  • Basic literacy in English, or French and English
  • Minimum of Nova Scotia grade 12 or equivalent (generally, 13 years of schooling)
  • Legal working age (18)

Skilled Worker applications require a two-stage processing fee of $5,500, which includes a $1,700 non-refundable application fee.

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